Damage, decay, and other factors can eventually severely impact the form and function of your teeth. Dental crowns are one solution for restoring a tooth where the damage hasn't yet affected the roots. Dr. Behdad and the team at Dental Square provide high-quality crowns that match the appearance of your natural teeth.

We typically recommend crowns whenever possible as an alternative to extraction for damaged teeth. When significant decay or physical damage makes everyday activities difficult, a crown restores function while still keeping the natural roots in place. This promotes the best oral health in the long run.

When you visit some dentists, you'll receive economy crowns that don't meet the same standards we have at Dental Square. We use the highest-quality materials available, including porcelain and ceramic. Each crown we make is fully customized to match the shape and shade of your natural teeth, giving you a fantastic smile.

The procedure itself involves trimming material from the tooth to provide a peg-like base for the crown. Once prepared, we take an impression to ensure the best possible fit for your custom-made crown, placing a temporary crown until your next visit. Once your crown is ready from the lab, we attach it permanently with specialized dental cement.

Dental Square also provides crowns for dental implants. In cases where a tooth's roots can't be saved, a titanium post can be implanted to serve as a base for replacement teeth. We can create the same ideal match to your natural teeth with crowns made for dental implants.


Dental Square provides both dental crowns and bridges in Mountain View. Bridges are a tooth replacement method that is very similar to dental crowns, with a few key differences. Bridges are a replacement for a span of several teeth, like a row of teeth that have been bonded together.
The most common use for bridges is to replace a tooth that has been completely extracted. In this case, there would be nothing for a crown to use as a base.

The bridge will span over the gap from the missing tooth, using the two surrounding teeth as a foundation. It is attached to those teeth in the same way that a crown is, with material being trimmed away to form a peg-like base.

Our team applies the same personalized approach to bridges as we do to crowns. This means that we use our technology to provide the closest possible match to your natural teeth. You'll be amazed by how natural your replacement teeth look and feel, as they are custom-designed to give you the best possible results.

How long does a dental bridge last? You can expect most dental bridges to last between five and fifteen years. That's quite a span, but with both dental bridges and crowns, there are many individual factors at play for each patient.

Your personal habits will have a significant impact on your replacement teeth, as activities like using your teeth to open a stubborn water bottle could cause damage. The best way to care for your crown or bridge is to avoid biting any non-food objects and stay away from harder foods whenever possible.